Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Firmoo: The world's most popular online eyeglass store.

They may be great fashion accessories but, more importantly, sunglasses are of extreme importance when it comes to maintaining good eye health.
There's only two factor on choosing what sunglasses we should wear, health and comfort.
From a health standpoint, you want to keep all ultraviolet light from getting into your eyes and onto the lids and the skin around them. From a comfort standpoint, some people are very sensitive to brightness and glare. By cutting down brightness and glare, people will visually perform better and be more comfortable.
In a equatorial country like the Philippines where the sun is glaring all year round,  having a sunglasses is a must.
It's good there's now an online and global optical store called Firmoo, the world's most popular online eyeglass store.
Firmoo, is the online leader in eyewear, stocks a wide range of affordable prescription glasses and sunglasses in cheap price yet high quality. Their eyeglasses frames feature different fashion styles, vary from retro eyeglasses frames to fashion ones, from rimless ones to full-rimmed ones and so forth. These chic yet inexpensive glasses will not only boost your image to a greater level, but also offer you a clear vision. 
At Firmoo, their prescription glasses and sunglasses are of various styles and types, so you really need to rack your brain to think it over which style suits you most. They offer Virtual Try-On System that helps you see how you look with glasses or sunglasses provided by Firmoo so as to help you find the right pair for yourself.


This post is in support to Balut Manila for her on-going blog give-away promo.Asked what sunglasses I want? I would go for this sexy dark blue and black frames with tint unisex full frame wrap-around plastic sunglasses. 

Photos are courtesy of Firmoo.



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  5. Tempted na ako bumili ng prescription glasses sa firmoo. Maganda ang reviews e. At madami silang all-plastic frames. Iffy lang talaga ako bumili on line, kasi maliit mukha ko, di ko alam kung bagay ba o hindi.

    Sana manalo ka.

  6. Those are pretty sweet, I've always wanted to wear glasses Brad Pitt uses.

  7. Looks cool. But shades are fashion luxury to me which I could never afford =( Piranha 3DD review

  8. doesnt ship to my country. oh well

  9. been hearing about this brand from other bloggers as well :D btw, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  10. Dear Lawrence,
    Great pictures. Wish I had a pair? Thanks for sharing.

  11. I'll have to tell my girlfriend about this. She needs to get a new pair of glasses soon.

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