Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bullzip PDF Printer

Sometimes my work requires me to lay-out a newsletter for schools, organizations or for some politicians wanting to brag all their good-to-be-true projects. More often than not, they require me to provide a soft copy of the of the layout before production which give me some headaches because I often do it using an Adobe PageMaker software which most of my clients are not using. The solution is the give them a PDF file of he same. Of course, I can easily export my Pagemaker publication files into PDF with the aid of Acrobat Distiller. 
One time, I'm into beating a deadline on submitting a soft copy for my client and my computer crash. I need to reformat my CPU and install once again all the softwares I am using but my Adobe Acrobat was missing. This leads me to discovering this Bullzip PDF Printer.

Bullzip PDF Printer is free, although their site is accepting donations. Its a simple, fast, and straightforward application. The Bullzip PDF Printer works by creating a virtual printer in the operating systems that prints to PDF files instead of paper. This practically allows any application to create PDF files from the print menu. The virtual printer employs ghostscript in order to translate the document into the Portable Document Format.

If you want to try, 
you can download it here.


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