My Blunt Existence

The rhythm of my hand goes well with the drops of ink and with words floating in my brain. I do not have highfalutin words to speak of, instead, the way of my emotions and the labyrinth that my soul’s going through are the ones obliging me to put the significance of other’s life into scriptures.

Seven Money Saving Motivation

No one says no to a bulkier bank account, so say a big “hello!” to our list of money saving motivations. In the current economic climate many of us are feeling the pinch, so here are seven handy ways to boost your bank account:

Effect of Growing Population

I'm not an economist, so my knowledge on the effects of high population growth on economic development is solely based from the research I have done, and it clearly oppose the government's stand.

World Peace. Anyone?

Generally war is the result of a national entity wishing to improve the standard of living for its people. A major second cause is when a nation perceives a possible reduction in a current standard of living and fights to protect what it already has.

On My Way Back

They say, the only permanent thing in life is change. I have learned to cope with the changes. I have realize that I have to change in these changing times. But change does not mean that I have to change what I do or drop what I have. Change don't make me give-up my dreams. I just need to change my way. Can I be the best? Can I be a winner?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Its All About Trust

A trusting relationship gives you confidence. It is a link that brings people closer, and it can provide vital support. A good relationship enables you to be more successful and secure. When you have confidence in your partner, you have the means at hand to grow and prosper. But you must remember, its not your job to get people to have confidence in you; its your job to give confidence to people.

Wet Summer?

What's happening here now? At this time of year, I'm usually wearing a sleeve less cotton shirt or a basketball jersey as I eat halo-halo to make me feel cool. But now, I have to wear sweat shirt or jacket, or even my rain coat as we are experiencing a weather suppose to be only on rainy seasons.

 The Philippines officially have three (3) seasons of weather.
  • Hot Season (tag-init or tag-araw) – March to May
  • Rainy Season (tag-ulan) – June to November
  • Cold Season (tag-lamig) – December to February
 We should be experiencing a hot weather now. I could be hanging-out with my friends in the mall so that I don't need to use my air conditioner at home to save electricity. I could be in the kanto eating halo-halo or just enjoying an iced-cooled palamig.
But now? I had to stay indoors, where I'm comfortable and dry. Enjoying a cup of cappuccino while interacting with my friends in social media.

Anvaya Cove

Its very relaxing to just sit back and enjoy a lazy twilight.

The beautiful Anvaya Cove.
I got the chance to enter a paradise called Anvaya Cove situated in a 300+ hectares exclusive enclave in Morong, Bataan. A friend of mine, which is a member, brought me there a couple of weeks ago to just relax as the day consumes all my city induced stress.
I felt elated to know that this hidden paradise is only open to members. Which makes me sad also because I want to come back here someday.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Silent Tears

She'd known him her entire life,
She always dream to be his wife.
Just his smile made her heart melt,
but she never told him how she felt.

Forever hoped to have him here,
Always dreamed to have him near.
Time passed and they both did grow.
But still she never let him know
Perfect chances passed her by,
but she couldn't tell this guy...
No matter what she'd ever do,
He still didn't have a clue.

But one day her whole world did end,
When she heard news from a friend...
About the wreck he'd gotten in...
She'll never see his smile again.

Now at his grave she softly cries,
The tears running from her sad eyes.
The hurting girl whose heart is broken.....
All because of love

In My Humble Opinion

About the only thing I don't have a strong opinion on is why there is even a small percentage of people out there who always respond to surveys with "no opinion." Yet there they are, in every poll, the no-opinion people. A question could be as simple as "Is Michael Jackson dead?" or "Is durian truly edible?" and this people will have nothing to say, either way. Most of us are just brimming with beliefs, attitudes, judgement calls and crank theories. We freely give our wisdom in bars, on radio talk-back shows and over the Internet. Parties wouldn't exist at all without personal appraisals of the weather, that awful dress on the woman across the room or the latest political scandal. And speaking of politicians, they wouldn't know which way to turn without polls telling them what an average Juan thinks. Likewise, advertisers won't dare release a new commercial without first putting it through the wringer of intense focus group discussions. Opinion rules, pure and simple.Once we have formed our opinions, we rarely change our minds --- unless we are swayed by someone else with arguments more compelling than our own. We tend to listen more to those who hold positions of power. Not elected officials or CEO's, mind you, but those with real power --- the television journalist and the radio talk-show host who, we reason, must have special opinions since they have been given a media podium of their own from which to expound them. But just who gives the radio commentators of this world the authority to speak for all of us --- and how do I get my name in his rotary file? Don't other people's opinions --- or rather, mine --- deserve equal respect?How I yearn to be able to voice my views in a way that will be heard over the opinionated roar of the crowd. To at last rise above those nitwits who counter one's considered pronouncements with the ever-witty rejoinder, "That's just your opinion!" Well of course it's my opinion. Who else's opinion would I be expressing! My next-door neighbour's? Yes, if I had my own radio or television talk show, more people would pay attention to my personal take on subjects as diverse as Filipino Clam Mentality (I'm allergic on crabs) and Why "makahiya" has a good reflex?But I am just one of millions of voices crying out in an increasingly deafened wilderness. There are simply too many opinions out there, and as the world grows more open and democratic, people are beginning to assign equal weight to each and every argument. The way the rules now seem to work, everybody is entitled to his own opinion and has a right to express it freely. Nevertheless, that opinion, no matter how well reasoned, is no more valid than the next guy's. Therefore, to wage a debate in an effort to win anyone over would be considered the height of rudeness. One is, in fact, far better off not voicing an opinion at all.Perhaps that is where the "no opinion" poll people come from. Maybe they've just grown tired of playing a game that always ends in a draw. Possibly they've adopted a philosophical stance that says, "If you can't beat 'em, bow out."I must admit it does look tempting sometimes to join their ranks. But that would be admitting defeat --- in my humble opinion.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let Me Rest In Peace

You know I can’t love for so many reasons
For I know I will break and suffer in prisons
But you still show me the things missing in my life
So I stayed in the shadows and deny the light

Then before I knew it, the pain already began
When somebody else ran with you and held your hand
And then you came back, pretending that you love me
Yet I’m a fool for you to accept your sorry

Now I’ve learn my lesson and became a fighter
And I’ve buried my heart under six feet deeper
I removed my soul, I removed my emotions
Love is pathetic, numb to all infatuations

I will not cry anymore or shed any tear
My life’s a big bad karma and my name is fear
From the wounds from loving, my only hope is death
Let a faceless warlock curse me and take my last breath

Yes nobody came to raised me from my coffin
Absence of warmth and my heart stops on beating
I need no hand with a purple bracelet to ease
Please don’t visit my grave and let me rest in peace

I Wanna Fly!

Do you ever look up and wish you could fly?
Once upon a time....
A baby eagle  got separated from his mother and landed upon a chicken farm. He was cared for and learned to act like a chickens act - that’s all he knew, because that’s all he was ever thought. Then one day he saw a big eagle flying overhead and something inside him stirred. He had always felt that there was something different about him.... Now he knew: he wanted to fly!
“Could I?” he wondered.
“How do I do it? What if I fall? Why I am stuck here in this barnyard, instead of being up in those treetops?”
Are you an eagle disguised as a chicken? Look up. See the eagle flying and know that you too can soar. Let go of the hows, what if’s and why’s that are holding you down. Then dust off your wings and soar! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome me

Well, since no one is here yet to welcome, I'll just gonna welcome myself.
Welcome me!