Friday, July 06, 2012

Its Never Too Late: Sign Up The Petition To Ratify ILO 189

I have blogged about the online petition to end the modern day slavery last June 20, 2012 and I signed the petition too on that day. The said petition was lunch to urge the Philippine Senate to ratify ILO 189 .
This petition is spearheaded by Walk Free, Inc., a not-for-profit campaigning organization. Its goal is to build the global movement of people everywhere, fighting to end modern day slavery.
According to Tim Dixon, a member of Walk Free team, there are now over 40,000 people from 156 countries who have signed the petition calling on the Philippines to protect millions of women from domestic slavery. Walk Free want to reach 50,000 signatures by the time the Senate comes back in session in three weeks.

"More women from the Philippines leave their homes to work as maids and nannies than from any other country in the world. They are the face of domestic work, and sadly the face of domestic slavery. But a win in the Philippines could mean huge change for domestic workers around the world! If the Philippines becomes the second country to ratify the law, under the International Labour Organization’s provisions, it could go into effect globally. The world is watching."

Click HERE to sign-up the petition now and help make a change.

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  1. butr am wondering whether it will work or not

  2. hope more will sign then will have more "power"

  3. @Small Kucing, every single vote counts. Yeah, I hope more will sign the petition so that our government will be compelled to ratify ILO 189

  4. Hope the government takes notice. This is no laughing matter.

    Another thing I hope changes is the way we view OFWs. Although, we are, ourselves, OFWs, I hope in the future we will not be forced to go abroad just to have a better life. We are blessed that we are able to bring our little girl with us but what about other Filipinos who need to leave their loved ones behind. It disrupts family life and is hurting the future generations. I sincerely hope that our nation gets better soon. =(

  5. @Tin, 5 years from now? 10 years from now? well, nothing is impossible as long as that our government can maintain the momentum of what they are claiming that our economy is improving and is in the right track.

  6. Worthy cause! Go for it! :)


  7. it is Chai, I hope you find the time to sign the petition

  8. @SP, I hope you did your part to show your support bro

  9. Thanks Richie, I hope the senate will hear our voice and ratify ILO 189.

  10. sad truth people especially filipinos often sacrifices their ambition just make a good living for their family and mostly those who try their luck overseas were abused physically verbally and emotionally gladly this came out though it wasnt still enough to end this it will surely help a lot

  11. great advocacy! keep it up bro :)

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