Thursday, May 10, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

When I was a little boy, I used to wished whenever I saw a shooting star. Little did I know that it was a meteor. Poor meteoroid, there are probably thousands who whisper their wishes as it plunged into its death.
Every year, I also wish as I blow the candle on my birthday cake. But I can't remember any of it came true.
Perhaps I should wish to a genie from a magic lamp. The problem is, "Where can I find such?".
It's good I learned from Nuffnang, a blog advertising community for bloggers, that Zalora recently launch a contest to  grant wishes. Unlike a genie that can only fulfill 3 wishes, Zalora is set to grant 5 wishes.
Zalora is an online shopping site that offers a very wide range of products under one roof.  It's not only a site devoted for women but for men as well. From their men's section, you can find not only a wide selection of pants, shirts and jackets, but also an elegant collection of accessories like ties, belts and watches. They also have this category dedicated to sports buff wherein you can find quality sports gear from leading brands like Nike and Inov-8. What I like best is their Under P999 section for thrifty shoppers like me.
Zalora is the epitome of profound commitment as they make sure to give us the best-ever online shopping experience. They have a team of dedicated customer care representative to assists and answer our queries. Paying your order is also a breeze with their secure payment methods. Don't worry if you don't have a credit card, you can always pay upon delivery.

But before I forget, here's my wish list:

Now, lets play some game and see how it would look like when I wear 'em all.

Chinos with striped waistband from 101 New York.
I'm not a denim guy, I prefer wearing chinos because they are easier to wash. This chinos from 101 New York is a perfect choice for a casual attire. Plus  I love its earth color.

R/N shirt with discharge print from Urban Edge Clothing
It says in its description to "pair it with great fitting jeans or cargo shorts". Who says I can't pair the chinos from 101 New York with this R/N shirt with discharge print from Urban Edge Clothing?

Men's casual loafers from Otto
I don't even have a single pair of loafers. But when I saw this pair on Zalora's Under P999 section, I was like, "Why not try a loafers if it fits me just fine". See the result?

Double pocket long sleeve shirt from Tomato
When I'm making my wish list, I haven't paying attention on its description. I just instantly fell in-love with its neutral color. I guess I made a right decision as the description says "pair it with dark colored chinos and loafers or neutral colored sneakers for a casual city trip". This long sleeve from Tomato will certainly a treasure in my wardrobe because I can pair it with any pants. And oh, its Under P999 too.

Easy Reader watch from Timex
 This Easy Reader Timex watch is very elegant. With its minimalistic design, I can wear this on any occasion.

Well, if this combination is a no-no, then perhaps fashion police will come after me. Hah, for all I know, they were all just envious.

Now, who says 'a guy can't always have what he wish for'?

If you want to create an impression from the comfort of your own home and without spending much from that hard earned money, try online shopping at Zalora. If you sign up now and opt to receive their newsletter, you can get a free P250 Voucher that you can use with a minimum order value of PHP 1,500.



  1. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing this my friend.

  2. @Andy :) do you ever done shopping online?

  3. @Colors and Grays, my wife is the online shopper. I prefer to buy where I can try on first. The outfit you built was pretty snazzy, but the mannequin kind of freaked me out! LOL

  4. I haven't tried shopping online...hmmmm...interesting post...

  5. @David, lol.... sorry for using a mannequin as a model.... you know now that I can't be a model. :)

    @Noblesses Key... yeah, me too... but since Zalora is here, I might as well try it

  6. I was gonna choose a wrist watch na pwede din for outdoor activities, pero gusto ko sana yung minimalist ang design. Ended up not "wishing" for a watch.