Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Will Be Near You Whenever You Want Me

I heard two voices as I slumbered the night away. One saying to forget you and stop crying. The other is your voice echoing from my nightmare, saying "Sleep now, forget all your fears for I will be near you whenever you want me."
The years are endless but life is short. I got used always being near you, you got used too. But years are caged in a cheap room for two. So that longing can fit somewhere at nights when I stay alone. To count my silences, to hear all the meaningless words that scaped my lips, to remember you saying, "I will be near you whenever you want me."
The fairy tale has ended now as my life begins. Oh, if only your truth was like a lie. What should I do with my life, now that you went back to where you belong that you never left in the first place? I will throw you then in the fairy tale to drown on the dreams that we both weaved. To delude my soul, to believe you again from the beginning. To forget myself again, to start living in our dreams. To believe you when you touch me at nights, when you whisper, when you say "I will be near you whenever you want me...."
Yes, we part ways, but never really went that far.


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  2. I feel you in this post... sad...

    I feel the love...the bitterness...

  3. I feel the emotion... mukhang may pinaghugutan... ^^

  4. ramdam ko yan at nakarelate ako!! pero minsan kailangan naman natin tanggapin ang mga bagay2x na hindi na talaga pwedi mangyari ulit. gustohin man natin pero hindi na talaga pwedi, ang pagkakataon na mismo ang nagsasalita kaya mahirap man, we just dont have any choice but to go on with our lives. i hope there's a happy ending din dito hehehe

  5. aww kaka sad naman. isang fairy tale lang bang maituturing ang kwento ng iyong love life sir Lawrence?

  6. forget the fairy tale. live a real one and find the right person who will make you forget the bitterness...

  7. what a heart breaking post this is,
    having a love problem parekoy?

  8. well some love never meant to last
    some people would come and pass
    some promises will turn out lies
    but life goes on as time goes by

  9. wa lang natuwa lng ako sa rhyming nung words haha
    peo what im trying to say is
    dont let this things hold you for long

  10. after all love is never about fairy tales or happy ever after it more like a cycle of happiness, pain and sadness

  11. ......speechles....hope things goes well

  12. If people are binded by love, indeed even when they part, they're never too far away from each other.

    Hugs Lawrence! :)

  13. Apologies that it has been such a while since my last visit.

    Such a beautiful post, truly moving it brought to mind the saying that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved.

  14. short but it really hits me ..

    Sulating may feeling :)

    beautifuly written.

  15. Ang sakit naman ng damdamin dito