Friday, June 29, 2012

Yay! My Very First Blogger's Award

When you say versatile, you mean it has many uses. Well that is a versatile tool. But how about a blogger? A blogger can be called versatile when he/she embrace a wide variety of subjects or fields. A versatile blogger can turn with ease from one subject to another. At least, that's what I know about what versatile blogger is.
I'm talking about versatile blogger today because I received Versatile Blogger Award from Balut Manila.
I've seen this award around a few of the blogs I've been reading, and from what I notice they are awarded between bloggers as a way to recognize fellow blogger, to build networks and of course to gain precious back links.

The Versatile Blogger Award

This award has three rules that a nominee has to follow (otherwise I will not send to you the monetary prize that comes with this award) Did I just write that? Just kidding. But hey, I might be giving away some "gift" from my up coming sponsors. I am just waiting for the right time to do my very first give-away promo.
Enough of those ek-ek, here are the rules.

1. Thank the blogger who gave you this award. Don’t forget to link his/her blog.
2.  Post seven random things about you.
3. Give the award to 15 other bloggers you love and let them know you gave them this award.


Acceptance Speech

I have been blogging for about three months now, so I am very humbled that Balut Manila considered to include me in her nominations. Thank you so much. You are the first one who recognize me as blogger. And also, I got my very first give-away prize from you. I hope to meet you someday so that I can tell you personally how grateful I really am.
I would also like to thank everyone who has been reading and following my blog. It has been so much more successful than I imagined it would be this early in, and I am really enjoying blogging about almost everything that I am so passionate about, from my own opinions on politics up to my personal experiences and anything in between.
I know you've all seen this before tons of times and some of you aren't really into blog awards but seeing as this is my first ever award  I thought I would just go ahead and do it.
[You need to applause on this part]

Seven Random Things About Me 

1. I write with my left hand.
2. I eat with my right.
3. I'm a muslim.
4. I sleep till noon on weekends.
5. I always do movie marathon every Friday night. I can watch up to 10 movies in every movie marathon.
6. My favorite movie is Matrix Trilogy that's why I named my son Neo.
7. I love noodles that my mom says I can survive in evacuation centers.

That's all. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm signing an autograph.


And Finally....

Here are the versatile bloggers who must pass on the award to keep in going, and I expect to get a back link from them by doing what I have just done. lol (in no particular order)

1. bluedreamer27 of Top Five
3. Nurse Tina of When Writing Means Sharing
4. Rezki Nuarta of Rezkinuarta
5. Key of Noblesse Key
6. Allan of Allan is the Man
7. Charotero of Simple Tips for Beginners 
8. Rogie of The Ignored Genius
9. Tin of The Average Jane
10. Gene of Metered Words
11. Keatondrunk of The KeatoNDrunk's Journey
12. Gladys of  UntiedEscape
13. Chai of Ice GodHez
14. Mario of Mar Unplog
15. Jeatte of Learning to Compute

So there, congratulations to all of you guys. May this inspire you to write more meaningful blog post. Rest assure, I will always support you as you have supported me thru all this time.
To those who are not on the list, this doesn't mean that you are not versatile. Of course, you are. If I could only give it to all of you, I would've done that. But as you can see, I am only abiding the rules.
[edited: June 30, 2012]


  1. 1. Amazed ako sa post intro :)
    2. Na-touch naman ako sa opening speech - YOU'RE WELCOME and THANK YOU also. I wish to meet you also and all the other bloggers that I befriended "along the blogging way" - that would be an awesome moment :)
    3. Doing applause with my single hand (lol) while reading the 7 random.
    - I know that you're a Muslim cause you always say "no pork for me" when you are commenting on my food post :)
    - I also love doing movie marathon every time I got the chance
    - Oh so now I know who's "Neo" from the email add :P
    - LOL to #7
    THANKS also for your continued support to my blog and for responding to this award/tag.

    MORE POWER to your blog kapatid!

  2. Congratulations Lawrence.

    you must be a genius to be both left handed and right handed.

    I had this reward before too but different color. mine is green.

  3. Congrats, those are some really interesting things. 10 movies in one day? I'd die but 1 movie every Friday sounds like a good idea to me. I love the Matrix trilogy too!

  4. This is very unbelievable!!! how come this is your first time? A great blog like this!!! anyway, congratulations, may this inspire you to create the BEST posts!

    Thanks for the award. I'll certainly value it. I'm still learning how to make those links. ;p

  5. hehe i also got that same award

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 10 movies damn ill get to much of a headache if i were you haha
    by the way congrats awardees

  8. Congrats Lawrence for the award! If I had known you earlier in the blogging world, I definitely would've given the award to you too! You deserved it!

    Nice to know more things about you! Nagmomovie marathon din ako pero max ko na yun 4, ikaw 10? It's you already! :)

  9. @Rogie, di kita nakalimutan isama sa award 'dre. nagmamadali lang ako kahapon pakay diko natapos...

  10. wow isang malaking THANK YOU! kapatid. i really appreciate that nakakataba ng puso na mapasama sa list. i really admire your writings.

    pareho pala tau, i write with my left hand also and eat with my right

    hope ill find time na makabuo rin nito hehe!

  11. ongratulations on winning your first blogger award!! hahahaha.. i've actually seen this award for quite some time, it's been circulating in the blogsphere for many years..

  12. oh, i realised you have two commenting systems!! hahahaha, i've posted one in the one below, and repost it up here.. looks like this is where the main one should be right?? :D

  13. interesting, write with the left hand but eat with the right hand.. errr, for me, all is right!! :D

  14. @Small Kucing, perhaps there are different Versatiles Awards circulating.

    @Matt @ MEcoy, well, thats my maximum, but not every time I watch 10 movies. lol

    @Key, your welcome and congrats. I'm looking forward to read your post about this.

    @Joanne, thanks. appreciate it much. just the thought that I could've been an awardee is more than enough for me.

    @Keatondrunk, salamat naman at na-admire mo pagsusulat ko kahit pa nagkalat mga wrong grammar. ahahahaha
    *as Small Kucing says, "We must be genius".
    at, aabangan ko post mo tungkol dito

  15. @SK, yeah, I have put disqus too so that those who do not have blogger account can still comment when their name on it and not just go with anonymous like my post about the $50 OWWA contribution hike. I got lots of anomymous comments in there.
    I write with my left but eat with my right hand because eating with the left hand is haram.

  16. Hello Lawrence,
    How are you my friend?
    Congratulations on your first award! Although all awards are special...that first one will always rank up there (smile). May this be the first of many to come. Keep on blogging & sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  17. Hi Andy,
    I'm fine. and yeah, first award is always the best.
    I'll drop by later

  18. Thank you for the award! Got two awards already, Yay!! so it means twice the pressure! But I'll do my best to be worthy of this award... I visited your site yesterday and this post was not complete yet... Now, my name is part of the 15! Thanks again 'dre!

  19. @Mar, yeah, kasama ka sa may award. pwede naman siguro na isang post na lang gawin, indicating that you got it from me and from Balut Manila. heheheh

  20. wow that impressive, congratulation buddy,i hope someday i also get award like you, and btw i got an inspiration from here to keep blogging harder, that meant my post must be more meaningfull, and will get the award like your blog hehehe, thanks for that buddy

  21. hey Rezki, you are one of the awardee too.

  22. you're name is in the list, number 4

  23. @ Rezki, thanks buddy. I didn't know that I'm such an influence to my fellow bloggers. I'm flattered that I inspire you to keep on blogging. Rest assured, I will always support you bro.

  24. Congrats on the award!

    Oh! You're a Muslim.


  25. @lina, thanks. yes I am a muslim.

  26. congrats bro. something to look forward to start writing more cool stuffs huh? sleeping till noon is bad bro. once did that for more than 20 years. and now, everytime I wake up in the morning, i get major malfunctions. ahaks. thks.

  27. @irsa, thanks. this award kinda boost my self confidence on my writting skill. lol

    major malfunction, that really sounds scary eh

  28. Hi! Lawrence thank you for the award. i really really appreciate it. Read my Thank You Note here >>>

  29. Wow Lawrence thank you for including my blog, super appreciated to the max! And congratz by the way... Hehe! Promise I'll work on it and let you knoW!

    btw, gladys is my name! hehe!

  30. Your award rocks, man! Let me thank you for the short feature. :)

  31. Didn't even notice I'm there hahaha!

    THanks Lawrence!


  32. @ Allan, just read your post, kelan kaya makompleto listahan mo? hehehe

    @Gladys, I'll be waiting for your post, [excited?] lol

    @Nurse Tina, thanks. and I can say your blog rocks too

    @Chai, you deserve it

  33. Hi Law,

    I created my version na... Thanks again!

  34. hey Gladys, salamat din ng marami sayo, enjoy talaga ako basahin mga adventures mo, parang napuntahan ko na rin mg lugar na pinuntahan mo.

  35. So, while I was on hiatus, nawala ka din pala.

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