Friday, May 18, 2012

We Have a Trainee President in the Philippines

The President fills several roles as the leader of the country. As the head diplomat, head of government and head of the military, he must balance the interests of the country both internally and externally. He must be competent enough to fulfill those duties and responsibilities required for being the man in the highest position of a country.
Although there's no school offering a course on Presidency, there's a lot of other venues to train one. And as such, we are expecting a President to be experienced enough and ready to be one when he decided to run for the highest position in a country.
But in a forum attended by Wharton Alumni clubs in Makati City, President Aquino declared that he still considers himself a “student” of governance. This admission by our beloved President aptly described himself as still on OJT.
“I also pride myself in being the consistent student so that I am not ensconced in a box where all what we are able to do is basically to repeat the mistakes of the past that we want to avoid,” he added.
Aquino asserted that he would continue to work “24/7 including holidays” to implement reforms to fight corruption and poverty and hopes to leave a better Philippines by 2016.
Can you imagine a country run by a trainee? It's no wonder, Philippines is going nowhere. Aquino should start working like a "president" and not training like a student in the expense of the whole nation.
Perhaps, Wikipedia's definition of noynoying as "an effortless pose, or activity consisting of sitting or standing around, in an unconcerned manner or it is also recognized as doing nothing, when in fact you have something to do" can best describe our President.


  1. Baka ang ibig sabihin nya, parang tipong mga doctors who 'practice' their profession.

    Pero walang doctor na magsasabi na nag-aaral pa lang din sya. Kasi, as much as possible, you don't want your patients to lose their confidence in you. Para sakin din dapat kung presidente ka.

    Lahat naman tayo, dapat continues na nag-aaral. Given na yun.

  2. It's my hope that your new President will bring your great country to a higher level away from the mistakes of the past presidents.

  3. LOL! the pic and the caption is just hilarious...Pnoy is certainly filthy rich..don't have kids and belongs to a wealthy family...

  4. i think a President acts like CEO just that he looks after an entire country.. he needs the leadership as well as the strategic management to rule the whole country.. and of course, everyone is forever learning, be it OJT or OLT (on-life training).. :

  5. wow, that's new. our leader learns how to be corrupted without being a trainee lol The Re-launch of Friendster

  6. mabuhay ang ating Presidente....kalabanin kaya ang China,hehe..

  7. Not doing to well, is he? Doesn't seem to be very popular...from what I read in some blogs and on Facebook.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Do come by again. I've linked you in my blogroll.

  8. lol...they are same world over it seems :)