About Me

I don't know how to described me if that's what should be written here. lol
Well, lemme think....
I'm a trying hard blogger. Yes, I really am. I'm not good in English but I need to do my best to write my blog in English because that's the international language and its the norm for writing a blog. So please, if you find anything wrong grammar here, please inform me.
I blog anything that interest me under the sun --- and even under the moon and stars..... That's why don't be surprised to read a wide array of subjects in my blog.
I'm a day dreamer. I dream with my eyes open wide. I have a collection of dream catcher. (that is if I can call a 4 pieces of dream catcher a collection. lol)


  1. Im a trying hard blogger too! haha anyway, i know i've posted this already, but i really like your new layout! haha keep blogging!

  2. it's a good thing when we try harder :) let's keep on writing and improve ourselves everyday :)