My Blunt Existence

The rhythm of my hand goes well with the drops of ink and with words floating in my brain. I do not have highfalutin words to speak of, instead, the way of my emotions and the labyrinth that my soul’s going through are the ones obliging me to put the significance of other’s life into scriptures.

Seven Money Saving Motivation

No one says no to a bulkier bank account, so say a big “hello!” to our list of money saving motivations. In the current economic climate many of us are feeling the pinch, so here are seven handy ways to boost your bank account:

Effect of Growing Population

I'm not an economist, so my knowledge on the effects of high population growth on economic development is solely based from the research I have done, and it clearly oppose the government's stand.

World Peace. Anyone?

Generally war is the result of a national entity wishing to improve the standard of living for its people. A major second cause is when a nation perceives a possible reduction in a current standard of living and fights to protect what it already has.

On My Way Back

They say, the only permanent thing in life is change. I have learned to cope with the changes. I have realize that I have to change in these changing times. But change does not mean that I have to change what I do or drop what I have. Change don't make me give-up my dreams. I just need to change my way. Can I be the best? Can I be a winner?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Voice of Our Youth

(Photo source:
Most student activists public display of protests becomes ‘arrogance’ at times leaving an undeniable negative mark in their advocacy as ‘activist’, implying a direct threat to the current political system of government.
We know for a fact that a few years ago, there are efforts from the government to properly represent the youth sector by way the Kabataang Barangay, and thru political representatives representing the youth in different areas all over the Philippines.
But this measure may not have filled the need of today’s youth to be recognized and heard. In one way or another, students still fill the streets, performing their right to the freedom of speech and expression, to leave a mark of desistance, revealing their unease to the never ending political drama, corruption, poverty, abuse and many other cancers of society.
Activism is defined as “the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change”. Consequently, as virtuous as the meaning of activism may seem to be, negative connotations have been linked to ‘student involvement’ in the said organization.
Heroic attributes are seen in these selfless acts of courage, because stress their point that is for the betterment of the studentry and the country.
These students are very active when it comes to expressing their sentiments, on the advocacy that they have committed themselves into, the visual display of their protests, almost, always seemingly pointing to end results that deem unpleasant and rebellious.
Consequently, these young inspirations of today has not been a positive mark in the never ending battle for truth and justice, they, and the people before them has always been remembered with smear of negativity when it comes to their application of political actions and advocacies.
But we all see the undeniable, if these intelligent young minds of today are restless in their quest for best for our people and the nation, a need to re-assess the future of our country is imperative.

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bloger glasses

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dengue Vector Surveillance Website of DOST

Screenshot of DOST Website 
Isang magandang balita sa mga paaralan ang ginawa ng Department of Science & Technology (DOST). Ngayon ay maaari ng subaybayan ng mga opisyales ng pamahalaan gayundin ng publiko ang mga kaso ng dengue sa mga paaralan sa tulong ng isang bagong website.

Makatutulong ang naturang website upang ma-monitor ng mga health worker ang mga kaso ng dengue sa isang partikular na paaralan at agad na magbigay ng rekomen-dasyon sa lokal na pamahalaan.

Gawa ng Philippine Council for Health Research and Development ng DOST, ang bagong website na pinanga-lanang “Dengue Vector Surveillance website” ay nagpapakita ng mapa na may pula at puting lobo.

Red balloons indicate "alert" status
White balloons means there are no dengue cases.
“Red balloons indicate ‘alert’ which means that the population density of dengue-carrying mosquitoes in a certain area is too much and interventions are needed promptly,” ayon sa DOST. At ang puting lobo ay nagsasaad na wala masyadong lamok o wala talagang lamok na nagdadala ng dengue virus sa lugar na iyon.

Ikinukunsidera ng pamahalaan na isang panganib ang dengue sa buong taon kung kaya hinihikayat ang publiko na panatilihing malinis ang paligid.

Sa pamamagitan ng website, maaaring makita ng health workers ang trends sa dengue at magpanukala ng mga aksyon ang mga policy maker at ng mga lider ng mga komunidad.

Ayon sa website ng DOST, “This function puts the country one step ahead of the dengue menace, the peak season of which occurs during the rainy months.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Never Lose Hope

(Photo form
Sometimes, even when one works hard, toils day and night to achieve ones aims, the efforts becomes futile.And no matter how hard one tries, swimming the vast ocean of trials, we fall short, given to the frailties of being a human and given to the people aiming at the very same prospects, knowingly impending, or worse, walling up the path the other is taking.
Then one asks himself, will my honest labors work bear fruit?
One might say, I’m getting too old for this kind of things, it has taken the best years of my life and my best efforts seemed amounting to nothing.The only thing that can be summed up in one’s life is that, “you have been a jack of all trades, but until now, the master of none”.
The lines of an age old hymn became a comfort in one of my own daily struggles to survive in this mundane world, “If I do not bring you solace, then at least I bring you light, nothing is more precious than hope!”
If possible it is best to plant and harvest the fruits of your labors unseen by many. One doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.We alone should conquer our own faults and inner fears.
Many have said that to surpass our own victories will bring us more fruitful rewards, than trying to outshine the capacities of others. In our own way, everybody is special. A beautiful creation of our Father in heaven, it is a blessing, freely given to us, a precious gift that others have chosen not to see. If we could just realize that we have our own little Eden deep inside ourselves, happiness will never be out of our reach.
No human being can take that away from us.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

On TV Broadcasting: Where Does Our Innate Values of Fairness and Decency Have Gone?

Utter confusion besieged the viewing public these past few years with regards to the barrage of what we can call broadcasting vulgarity with a dash of drama, now a staple, in the evolving form of telenovelas. 
While some noontime show encourage contestants young and old to gyrate like macho dancers and strip teasers in private shows and kinky bars, and after this grandiose display followed by raucous jeers from an audience, then comes a twisted sort of sad story, a monologue discussing the hardships of life, in a studio full of people, inside a network that broadcasts to hundreds of millions of Filipinos, here and abroad, take contestants taking full force what could result to unavoidable humiliation and loss of self-respect for the rest of their lives, all this, in exchange for cash dole out given by the show’s hosts.
Why do some Filipinos  innate values of fairness and decency take a back seat, when it comes to these odd forms of fanfare? They even envy those who were rewarded for their efforts, even considering them lucky for being selected. The raised a question is our minds, what is this twisted culture that we have created? We cannot just put the blame on just one John Doe. It is not just the hosts of shows with this nature should be held responsible.
From the show’s producer; director, production staff, studio audience, and every one that is witnessing these kinds of programs day in and day out, without even sensing the wrongness of the proceedings are accountable.
No one is spared in this charade. Our countrymen should be aware. We may not know it, but a part of us have been belittling our fellow human being, a child of God with equal footing like the rest of us. 
Taking this into account, it is imperative that the networks should assess and re-evaluate the program formats being generated in their respective projects. 
But if they will still turn a deaf ear on the outrage steadily growing in their midst, safeguarding ourselves and our children from the media hype that is steadily changing the moral values of the young and old alike is a must. Choosing alternative sources of entertainment that could enlighten the minds, bring spiritual glow in our hearts and emotional contentment for the betterment of our well-being would be beneficial and more worthy of our time, money and effort.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July Must-Haves: Retro Glasses from Firmoo

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Learn and Never Forget

Life will always have its ups and downs; everyday is a challenge, not just because of the mountains one has to climb to be able to achieve your fondest dreams. We can say that in the last few years of our life, destiny has not been kind to us; there are always hindrances and circumstance that keep piling up, building a seemingly impregnable wall, an obstacle difficult to pass through. 
We also encounter the never ending self-adjustment to the individuals that will accompany us on our path, there incidences don’t happen with common strangers. Oddly, even the bond of friendship and family becomes a thing of the past, when wealth, power and money are at stake. All the goodness of human heart breaks at the sound of fame and the good life, even at the expense of a well earned reputation, brushing aside all morals and fair play, they are totally blind. 
How low can this people go? 
Some may say to achieve a comfortable existence for the rest of their lives, may it be, for the call of immortal fame, to be remembered even after the end of their mortality and for others it is financial independence. It is really worth it? But what about the people they have slighted to achieve their selfish ambitions? The people they have crushed senseless. These individuals that gave their utmost and sincere trust, have been used and abused, continually lied upon. Should they continue to feel anger within their hearts and minds, unable to move on? 
We all know the answer to that question. But the hardest thing to do, base from experience is applying the virtue of forgiveness to these people that have wronged us, crossing that difficult path is, however, rewarding in the end. But still, keep in mind that even if the bridge has been re-connected, behind all the hugs and tears, learn and never forget.