Wednesday, May 23, 2012

World Peace: Anyone?

Is war really inevitable?
Since time immemorial, this world has witnessed countless wars. As early as 12,000 years ago, almost half of the people found in a Nubian cemetery had died of violence. Military activity occurred over much of the globe some 5,000 years ago. World War I and II alone has 92 million casualties. 
Generally war is the result of a national entity wishing to improve the standard of living for its people. A major second cause is when a nation perceives a possible reduction in a current standard of living and fights to protect what it already has. Greed or the desire for more power and more territory, religious idealism, corrupt governments, discontent and poverty, and man's innate sinfulness are the major causes of war. Is war really inevitable?
How about world peace? Will it ever be attained? When? Is it even possible? These questions have reached the minds of everyone, with a variety of opinions. Political status, culture, and belief all affect their beliefs. Everyone has a different thought, and no one really knows. Will there be a nuclear war, engulfing the world in a nuclear inferno? Will a second coming of Christ occur? Maybe the world will unite under one leader?
Many have suffered that could have been avoided. If only men and nations learn to understand and forgive one another, they could settle their differences and rifts amicably. Collateral damage could have been avoided. Peace wouldn't be that elusive. The devastating effects on the people and humankind as a whole, far outweigh the possible benefits (if indeed there are any).
Men of a country and of all nations are brothers bound by their inherent goodness and love for one another. We may be enemies by force of circumstance, but I hope, we could achieve stability after the storm.


  1. I certainly believe that there is nothing that we can achieve with war other than greater destruction...The sad thing is, war is product of the agenda of powerful people...tsk!

  2. I remember a woman, naked, with a slogan
    "stop the war! not peace...ay not peace"

    war?? all i can say..
    the end does not justify the means

    will there be war between phil and china?
    because of the shoal / group of submerged rocks?? ..NO WAY!
    china's army? gosh! stop greediness!

  3. MAKE LOVE not WAR.

    Yes, I do hope and pray that one day, war will merely be a figment of the past long gone!


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  4. Brothers and sisters,

    We have to accept the reality, we are bound to destruction and disorder. Greed, thirst for world power, lies, among others are the main hindrance to world peace. Even if we will have one government, one religion, one banking system, etc we can't achieve this ultimate goal.

    Is there a way to achieve world peace? Maybe if we have to live in far distant world which can only be reached through our dreams.

  5. we hope no war in this world, especially nuclear war,if that happen many victim will die

  6. it's a devastating thing because there so many lives involved and even if you win a battle, there are always victim in both parties.

    But Still believe that there's such thing as world peace.