Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Now that the verdict has been rendered, what's next?

The 44-day hiatus of the impeachment trial of CJ Corona has ended with no apparent drama both from the prosecution and defense panel.
It's satirical to say that the verdict by the Senate impeachment court against Corona as “a victory of the people.”
I don't see this as a victory to the masses. Its a strong political partisan that I see and I see no hope for change to the better. It could even be a change to get worst. 
How could this be a victory of the people? CJ Corona did not do anything against the common Filipino citizens. He is not a corrupt official unlike those who prosecuted him. This is a victory of those few who have an interest in that position, to those who are in the upper echelon of the society who has pending cases in the Supreme Court waiting for a favorable verdict. This is a victory of the lead prosecutor whose father has a pending case of graft and corruption in the Ombudsman. This is a victory of Noynoy Aquino and his TUPA's. This is the victory of Aquino-Cojuangco for Hacienda Luisita, plain and simple. I see this as a victory for injustice. 
Senator judges took the stage for their grandstanding and voted to convict and became an advocate of injustice, for their self-political-interest. How could one admire them as server of our beloved country, much more a hero?
 I applaud the three senator judges (Defensor-Santiago, Joker Arroyo, Bongbong Marcos) who voted to acquit Corona because they based their judgement on legal grounds and without any political slant. If an omission in good faith in the SALN carries that heavy penalty, then the Administration must also PUNISH Health Secretary Enrique Ona and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad for submitting incorrect SALN. But how could this be done if the highest man in the country is defending them?
The House of Representative reportedly spent 5.7 million during the impeachment trial and the Senate is yet to announce how much they have spent. Well, this is nothing compared to 70 million and 200 million the congressman and senators will receive as pork barrel from the President's budget.
So, what's next? Or rather, who's next? 
I am hoping that this historical event will jump start the much needed government reforms. Congressmen and senators alike should now go back to their duties and should pass bills to resolve the lope-holes of our constitution. I am hoping that who ever Aquino chooses to be the next Chief Justice will fully implement the decision to distribute the land of Hacienda Luisita.


  1. I feel somehow vindicated because I voted for those 3 senators. Too bad Corona got convicted.

    I only read and watched the 'series' recently, and I tried so hard to remember what I learned in college from my Constition class. Based on my limited knowledge, I side with the defense.

    Anyway, it became a venue for many of them to make tiny campaign speeches. Disgusting.

    Next time, they should hold a seminar, parang "basics" ng Philippine Constitution to all senators and congressmen, esp those who admit na 'wala silang alam sa batas'

  2. @Rae, I chose to follow every bit bit of a news from the impeachment trial and I can't fathom why they decided to convict. I mean even to those like me who do not know the technicalities of the law, it was clear that the trial was a venue for their political bickering and agendas.

  3. Guess both our countries are having much needed political reforms. Blogging is the only way to voice out our opinions as our mainstream media is fully manipulated by the current government =( Snow White & the Huntsman review

  4. @Tony, it seems like it mate.

    I'll check later your review. thanks for sharing it here

  5. I think and in my opinion the verdict only shows that law applies to everybody.

    Not declaring all the wealth in SALN is common to all politicians and to all who wanted to evade taxes.

    Now, what will be the next? I think the next thing to happen now is for the politicians to sign a waiver to have their SALN open to the public.

    There is a call now that started is CAMARA, not just SALN but even their bank records, in fact a lot of congressmen signed already the said waiver.

    So the verdict gives positive impact, i hope the next big thing is the word TRANSPARENCY to all government and public institution towards the citizens.

  6. @ Tony I agree with you 100%, blogging really is my own way of expressing what I feel about anything. Cheers to all bloggers..

  7. CJ Renato Corona mystery hero. He is an instrument to show that cheating are not ever win. The Senator Judge they did their job to check this is instrument and found defective and its dangerous to used. Their judgement its not political but to deliver the message of reform. GODS WILL