My Blunt Existence

The rhythm of my hand goes well with the drops of ink and with words floating in my brain. I do not have highfalutin words to speak of, instead, the way of my emotions and the labyrinth that my soul’s going through are the ones obliging me to put the significance of other’s life into scriptures.

Seven Money Saving Motivation

No one says no to a bulkier bank account, so say a big “hello!” to our list of money saving motivations. In the current economic climate many of us are feeling the pinch, so here are seven handy ways to boost your bank account:

Effect of Growing Population

I'm not an economist, so my knowledge on the effects of high population growth on economic development is solely based from the research I have done, and it clearly oppose the government's stand.

World Peace. Anyone?

Generally war is the result of a national entity wishing to improve the standard of living for its people. A major second cause is when a nation perceives a possible reduction in a current standard of living and fights to protect what it already has.

On My Way Back

They say, the only permanent thing in life is change. I have learned to cope with the changes. I have realize that I have to change in these changing times. But change does not mean that I have to change what I do or drop what I have. Change don't make me give-up my dreams. I just need to change my way. Can I be the best? Can I be a winner?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The 10 commandments of the Philippines' Cybercrime Law

  1. You shall only say nice things on the Internet--This is the main fault attributed to the law: It's a violation of the Freedom of Expression with its cyberlibel provision. Thanks to this provision inserted "without knowledge" by most of the lawmakers, if you say something bad against certain people on the Internet, you can be charged in court. What's more, according to Bayan Muna Representative Teddy CasiƱo, this not only applies to statements you make on the Internet but also on smartphones or with any device you use to access the Internet. So yes, this covers texting.
  2. You cannot tell the Truth, whether joking or seriously, if it hurts someone--In relation to the 1st Commandment, regardless if you state a fact or you use satire or sarcasm or even say something in a joking tone on the 'net, you can still be held liable for cyberlibel for impugning against another person's supposed dignity as per the anti-libel law of the Revised Penal Code.
  3. What you say can be held against you forever--According to online legal expert Atty. JJ Disini, because of the nature of your online posts, anything you posted years ago that are still live today can be still held against you in a court of law.
  4. What you like can also be held against you--In relation to the 3rd Commandment, liking a FB post can be considered as abetting libel. Retweeting a probably libelous tweet might be covered here as well so be warned.
  5. The government now has the power to take down your Internet--Thanks to the power given by the law, the Department of Justice, together with its arms in the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police have the power to order the shutdown of Web sites if there is prima facie evidence of violation of the law--even without a court warrant.
  6. Your Internet is required to compile evidence against you--In relation to the 5th Commandment, Internet service providers are now required to keep their data for six months after which they can be forced to keep it for six more months if authorities request it.
  7. You can be punished more harshly for online crimes than for real life crimes--Thanks to the wording of the law, punishment for those charged with this law is "one degree higher" than that provided for in the Revised Penal Code. Because of this, if you're charged with online libel, you can be fined a million bucks or spend 12 months in jail.
  8. You must trust the government to do the right thing in implementing the law--The government refuses to budge on this law, saying the public should trust them to come up with the proper Implementing Rules and Regulation to ensure that there won't be abuses of the law despite the vague wording. This after the some of the lawmakers who signed the law admitted they had no idea what had gone into the law.
  9. The law shall apply to all Filipinos wherever they are--Just because you think you're not in the Philippines, you can escape jurisdiction from this Philippine law. Think again: this law has universal jurisdiction. Even your electronic devices that are situated (or even partly) in the Philippines are under jurisdiction under this law.
  10. The law doesn't really protect you--Supposedly it goes after identity-theft. However, because of the heavy provisions against online libel, a hacker can take over your account and post libelous stuff, and then pull out. From the safety of distance, he can watch the fireworks fly as the government screws you over. So yes, it can protect industries and the rich and powerful, just not you.
(Credit to Joseph H. Nacino of The Virtual Eye)

The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, officially recorded as Republic Act No. 10175, is a law in the Philippines approved on 12 September 2012. It aims to address legal issues concerning online interactions and the Internet in the Philippines. Among the cybercrime offenses included in the bill are cybersquatting, cybersex, child pornography, identity theft, illegal access to data and libel.
While hailed for penalizing illegal acts done via the internet that were not covered by old laws, the act has been criticized for its provision on criminalizing libel, which is perceived to be a curtailment in freedom of expression.
On October 9, 2012, the Supreme Court of the Philippines issued a temporary restraining order, stopping implementation of the Act for 120 days, and extended it on 5 February 2013 "until further orders from the court."

Saturday, April 27, 2013

What A Fool is a Lover Could Be

(Photo form: Devian Art)
Diamonds shimmer
in the depths of the
calmest pond.
I reach for one,
but I can’t touch.
Instead I create a current
and stir the murky depths
Mud and clay
cloud the once clear pool.
Only evidence is washed away
in a roaring wave.

The wave descends
and shatters the once still air
Into the voices
of a thousand tiny angels,
Each one crying out
for a lost soul to save.

As the river breaks
into the ocean of dreams,
I stare and wonder
in its magnificence.
Dare I?
I stand at the banks, unnerved, yet intrigued
as I decide
to cast away all
that is required of me,
I dive into the howling waters
In search of the diamond I
couldn’t see.

The raging subsides
as the river claims
yet another foolish lover.
And the pain subsides,
as the heart refuse to beat.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Being Consistent: The Key to a Successful Life

Taking control of our consistent action means directing our lives well. This is not something that we do once in a blue moon that shape our lives, but it’s something we must do consistently.
To be successful, you must take consistent action...
Yes, and I have learned the importance of consistent action from my job as salesman.
The first thing I did when I joined the company was to take endless training that are needed to become effective salesman.
But when I went out to the field my training failed me. Nothing really happened! And so I thought, “this isn’t really working.”
So I went in search of something that would. I joined a couple of other opportunities and with each one I did the same thing. I went through the training and did what I was supposed to do for a short period of time, and when I didn't see results as fast as I wanted to, I moved on to something else.
You can see the problem with this strategy. I didn't stay consistent with anything for long enough to see any success. Then I recommitted myself. I knew this was for real. And once I did, and was doggedly consistent, the magic happened! And it will happen to you too... But you must be consistent, even when you don't feel like it...
Keep these tips in mind...
  1. Do something you enjoy - you'll be more apt to stick with something you enjoy rather than forcing yourself to do something you don't. I love to blog and share with others so I'm not dreading what I have to do every day. I look forward to it.
  2. Develop a schedule/routine - I find that without a schedule, I am constantly being distracted by other things that consume my time. The end result is that I often don't get the things on my priority list done, but I've wasted valuable time of other things. Show up every day and follow your routine.
  3. Prioritize your time - understand and recognize things that are potential time-wasters and allow yourself a structured time period to deal with those (ie 30 min. per day on Facebook, or only check email at the end of the day, etc.) I find that I can't check email throughout the day because then there are several things that come up that I have to deal with and it pulls me away from my routine. I want to be able to deal with them on my own terms and put them into my schedule. Also, even though Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for my business, I only allow myself 30 min. per day because it can completely consume me.
  4. Write things down - this is a must for me. I need to keep a visual reminder of my goals for the day and I don't stop until they're completed. (I even write things on my list that I did but weren't on my list just so I can cross it off! - I know, but I love to cross things off!)

If you want to be successful in your business, in life, in any area, consistent action will get you there!
Take consistent action and great things will happen...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Know the Law: On the Need to Disseminate Republic Act 9994

Booklets for distribution, Right and Privileges of Senior Citizens (R.A. 9994)

      Many senior citizens were overjoyed when the bill now known as Republic Act 9994 was signed into law in 2010. What they did not foresee was that it would not be strictly implemented. Some establishments declined to honor the 20% discount and Vat exemption, which was one of the salient features of the law. Some Local Government Units (LGUs) do not provide Philhealth coverage or burial assistance to indigent senior citizens, some still do not follow the honorarium allotted to OSCA Heads in cities, first and second class municipalities. Even the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) does not follow the letter of the law and fails to provide the monthly social pension of P500 to all indigent senior citizens – regardless of age. The agency set a priority for those 75 years and above.

      Rep. Arquiza believes that the best way for R.A. 9994 to properly benefit senior citizens is to effectively disseminate information about it. Since 2010, Rep. Arquiza has gone around the Philippines to make senior citizens aware of their rights as mandated by R.A. 9994. In this endeavor, he traveled to as many as 150 municipalities nationwide from the CAR region to Region 13 (Butuan). He also initiated a Regional Forum and Assessment of R.A. 9994 all over the Philippines: first in Baguio City in CAR; second in Calasiao in Region I; 3rd in Tuguegarao City, Region II; for the fourth time in Pampanga, Region III. Other summits were held in Laguna, Region IV-A; in Palawan, Region IV-B; in Legazpi City, Bicol region; in Iloilo City, Region VI; in Tagbilaran, Bohol, Region VII; in Cagayan de Oro City, Region X; in Davao City, Region XI; and Butuan City, Region XIII. Each of the said forums was attended by almost all senior citizen representatives from the area.


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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On Political Dynasty

(Photo from: NAMFREL)
Marami ang lumalabas na katanungan kung ano ba talaga ang DYNASTY? Marami na ang naguguluhan tungkol dito. May dunong man o wala ay pinag-iisipan kung ano ba ang dynasty na ipinakikipaglaban ng nakararami.
Para sa amin, ang DYNASTY ay isang pagtatalaga ng isang hari sa kanyang pamilya upang pamunuan o pamahalaan ang isang grupo o isang lugar, bayan o bansa. At ito ay hindi maaaring tutulan ng kahit sino dahil sabi nga noong araw, “UTO NG HARI... DI MABABALI!”
Kaya hindi natin maihahalintulad ito sa nagaganap sa ating bansa, sa ating pulitika. Hindi po tayo kung kani-kanino. Alam po natin na, nagkalat na sa ngayon ang grupo na idinadaan naman sa botohan ang nahahalal na magkakamag-anak, di po ba?
Sa madaling salita, hindi po basta inilagay ng namumuno ang kanyang ama, kapatid asawa, anak o apo man. Sila po ay idinaan sa botohan.
Paano po nating masasabi na ito nga ay Dynasty? May eleksyon pong magaganap sa ating bansa. Pumipili ang ating mga botante kung sino ang gusto nilang iluklok sa kanilang lugar o sa ating pamahalaan.
Marahil, kaya nila pinipili ang isang kandidato na kamag-anak ng namumuno sa kanila ay nagbabakasali silang kung ano ang ginawang buti ng kanilang nakatatas na oisyales ng kanilang bayan ay ganoon din ang gawin ng kamag-anak na kanilang ibinoto, di po ba?
Sabi nga “Kung ano ang puno... siya rin ang Bunga?” Kasi nga naman, hindi maaaring magbunga ng Santol ang Manga. Pero pag naging di maganda ang kinalabasan ng kamag-anak ng namumuno ang na ibi-noto nila, walang kinalaman ang sinasabing puno. Kaya nasa botante pa rin ang karapatan kung sino ang ibo-boto nila.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Don't Miss Out Firmoo Free Offer

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Taking Full Control of Your Child's Moral Education

People remove their children from public school and move to private schools for a lot of reasons. For one thing, the contract you have with a private school is in every way different than your relationship with public school. Because you pick your private school, the schools in your area are in competition for your "business". That means they work for you and they are responsible to live up to their promises to you when you pay them to give your child an education.
This phase of the process, when you are interviewing various private schools is when you have the chance to stipulate exactly what part of the education of your child you are prepared to hand over to the school and what parts you do not want them fooling around with. For most parents, we are looking to send the child to school go learn about history, english, science, math, foreign language art, composition and other academic subjects that they need to conquer to be a success in college and eventually in life.
Unfortunately public schools also take it upon themselves to educate children in what might be considered moral, ethical or even religious areas of life. And for many parents, this is meddling and imposing values on their children that the school has no right to impose and that is outside their authorization to do so. No other subject better illustrates this principle than sex education.
Sex education in schools is a topic of considerable controversy. And it will continue to be controversial because it is something most parents do not want to see the schools getting involved with and something most schools very much want to have as part of their curriculum. The grey area comes in the realm of physical education. Lessons on hygiene, anatomy and how the human body works are a natural part of the science or physical education curriculum. So you might be able to understand if part of that education is to go over how the human sex organs work from a scientific point of view.
Even at this basic level, though, parents often feel they should be consulted on what they want their children to know. The age old image of dad sitting on the porch and explaining the birds and the bees to his son is time honored and revered in families and we are as a society not comfortable with handing that job over to some stranger whose values we know nothing about.
But sex education in schools doesn't usually end with a basic discussion of the medical of physical properties of the body. Many schools have more advanced curriculum that cover the sex act, how pregnancy works, venereal disease and "recreational" sex activities as well in some cases. And some of the more aggressive programs actually provide condoms to the children "just in case."
You may become alarmed at any or all of this level of instruction if it is to be considered part of a public school's educational program. The problem is because our contract with public schools gives no control to parents, you only have the choice of be quiet and let them teach what they will or remove your child to move to a private school who is more prepared to regard the parent's wishes in regards to sex education or any other areas of moral, ethical or religious education that they wish to carry out at home.
If these kinds of programs at the public school level are what have alarmed you and began your transition to become a private school family, you are not alone. And maybe if enough families go this route, the public schools will get the message that parents have rights in these matters and those rights must be respected.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Re-Balancing Your Life

‘How’s your day?’
A question that on my bad days makes me grouse and rant a reply. But after that, I would vow silently for the umpteenth time, never to lose perspective again.
For many of us, work lays claim to our time and emotion, possessing us completely as any spouse or child. But those of us who think we have hard jobs can learn a lot from those who really do.
I wonder how some people manage to counsel rape victims, investigate murder scenes or a rescue victims on the aftermath of a disaster, then have the energy to cheer for their kid’s basketball teams on the weekend.
If the rest of us can’t keep the stress of work from oozing over and staining the rest of life, how can they? More to the point: if they can, why on earth can’t I?
What’s their secret?
If we ask them, they would talk about ‘perspective’.
A simple word yet so powerful in keeping the balance of our life. I looked up for the meaning of this word and it says that “it’s the way of drawing solid object, scenery, etc. on a flat surface so that they appear to have the correct shape and distance from each other.” But how could we do that if our life is in a tangle?
Others talk about building walls and maintaining distance. They learn to draw a line to know their boundaries.
Keeping up walls is the secret to coping the pain. It’s the only way to carve out space for a life, the only way to do the job. We have to learn to set aside something from our being so that we have left to give the next day.
That is the lesson for us whose work has the ability to use us up. The only way to get the work done is to come up for air periodically.
To shut the door and just lie down on a comfortable sofa, even if you have lost a caller.
To smile to your love ones, even as you mourn for humanity.
To turn off the computer, even you’re chasing deadlines.
To be just being lazy.
Simple rules, but can help you go back out tomorrow and do it all again.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Love at First Sight: Is it Real?

Love at First Sight (Photo from: DevianArt)

Many people believe in love at first sight. For some people, they may have had experiences with relationships that were based on falling in love when they first met someone. There are differing opinions throughout the world in regards to knowing the person you just met is "the one" and whether or not it is possible. The problem is that there is no direct research or information available to prove or disprove the theory of falling in love instantly. Therefore, it is more of an individual belief and is based on how each person perceives things.
Emotional attachment at first sighting is when you have a very strong, immediate connection to someone as soon as you see them. There does not have to be a single word uttered. You see this person and there is an immediate need to be with them. These feelings do not go away. If you are truly meant to be with someone, there is really no way to get rid of the feelings associated with that.
Although it is called love at first sight, there are some instances where the feelings involved do not actually include love. There will always be some sort of very strong emotional bond however. Whether it is love, longing, or just sexual energy, something is going to exist between you and the other person. This can all be termed love at first sight. It can also be the doorway to a happy, lasting relationship.
There are more and more people that say that their relationships were based on love at first sight. These people say that they knew right away that the person they met was the one that they were meant to be with.
Some of these couples have been together for years now and are still very happy in their relationships and committed to each other. The interesting thing about these people is that they initially had first sight through photos of each other on the internet. Many people see this as a very strong testimonial to the fact that love at first sight does indeed exist and is a very strong power.
Emotional bonding when meeting someone can happen anywhere, at any time. You could be walking down the street and see someone that you are immediately emotionally charged about. Perhaps, you are at work and a co-worker, customer, or salesperson walks by. Or, maybe you are browsing profiles on an online dating site. All of these scenarios have the potential for bonding strongly with the special one. There are no set rules about where or how the connection can occur. It is very open and very broad. This is in reality what increases skepticism about the realness of love at first sight.
There have been many books and educational materials published on the topic of love at first sight. While none of these people are experts, they all have their own knowledge to offer. Some of the writers and people, which discuss this topic are people that claim to have had first hand experience with relationships that were based on love at first sight.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boo F*cking-hoo

We musn't forget that life is only as serious as we make it. I refuse to take every bad experience and make it seem like it's a life changing thing. It is what it is. Sh*t happens. So you got dumped. So you got rained on. So you stepped on gum. Boo-f*cking-hoo. That doesn't mean we must forget to smile.

Sometimes, when you're really down, you have to realize that not everything has gone wrong. You still have eyes to see with, hands to work with, food to eat, or whatever it is that you have. It's so easy to complain when things don't go our way, but if you look closely, there are people with problems far more grave than ours.

Life is a playground. Don't sit on the swing all your life. Not when you can go run into the fields, slide down that great big pipe and climb that tree. A few scrapes and bruises along the way won't stop you.

The key to life, I think, is balance. We must learn when to take things seriously, and when not to. A good friend told me "Feel the pain all you want, just don't forget how to live."

So, no emo today, kids. Only dorky faces from your (hopefully) blogwhore.