Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Voice of Our Youth

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Most student activists public display of protests becomes ‘arrogance’ at times leaving an undeniable negative mark in their advocacy as ‘activist’, implying a direct threat to the current political system of government.
We know for a fact that a few years ago, there are efforts from the government to properly represent the youth sector by way the Kabataang Barangay, and thru political representatives representing the youth in different areas all over the Philippines.
But this measure may not have filled the need of today’s youth to be recognized and heard. In one way or another, students still fill the streets, performing their right to the freedom of speech and expression, to leave a mark of desistance, revealing their unease to the never ending political drama, corruption, poverty, abuse and many other cancers of society.
Activism is defined as “the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change”. Consequently, as virtuous as the meaning of activism may seem to be, negative connotations have been linked to ‘student involvement’ in the said organization.
Heroic attributes are seen in these selfless acts of courage, because stress their point that is for the betterment of the studentry and the country.
These students are very active when it comes to expressing their sentiments, on the advocacy that they have committed themselves into, the visual display of their protests, almost, always seemingly pointing to end results that deem unpleasant and rebellious.
Consequently, these young inspirations of today has not been a positive mark in the never ending battle for truth and justice, they, and the people before them has always been remembered with smear of negativity when it comes to their application of political actions and advocacies.
But we all see the undeniable, if these intelligent young minds of today are restless in their quest for best for our people and the nation, a need to re-assess the future of our country is imperative.



  1. Young people should know that what we need is "advocacy" NOT activism...

  2. well as for my observation, most of the young activist do such with out broad knowledge on what they were fighting for, yes indeed their opinions matters but i guess such freedom has to meet certain requirements and if so, that is when i could barely say that they were on the right track.

  3. Freedom is not just doing anything we want. It is accompanied by a heavy responsibility. It is not just throwing hard objects, babbling non-stop, cursing the government, make some annoying noise to be heard.

    The young should understand that. It sounds Idealistic, but still, I am a believer of a peaceful protest!

  4. Sadly, ang mga ganyang lakad sa lansangan ngayon ay nagiging barkada gimmick na lang. Sasama sa rallies dahil kasama ang barkada. Well, hindi naman siguro lahat, pero marami rin. But don't get me wrong. I still believe in the vibrance and the idealism of many of our young people today. I just do hope they take it off the streets. Wag sanang masyado sa kalsada. I hope they show their idealism in the simple everyday things that they do.

    Miss N of