Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Learn and Never Forget

Life will always have its ups and downs; everyday is a challenge, not just because of the mountains one has to climb to be able to achieve your fondest dreams. We can say that in the last few years of our life, destiny has not been kind to us; there are always hindrances and circumstance that keep piling up, building a seemingly impregnable wall, an obstacle difficult to pass through. 
We also encounter the never ending self-adjustment to the individuals that will accompany us on our path, there incidences don’t happen with common strangers. Oddly, even the bond of friendship and family becomes a thing of the past, when wealth, power and money are at stake. All the goodness of human heart breaks at the sound of fame and the good life, even at the expense of a well earned reputation, brushing aside all morals and fair play, they are totally blind. 
How low can this people go? 
Some may say to achieve a comfortable existence for the rest of their lives, may it be, for the call of immortal fame, to be remembered even after the end of their mortality and for others it is financial independence. It is really worth it? But what about the people they have slighted to achieve their selfish ambitions? The people they have crushed senseless. These individuals that gave their utmost and sincere trust, have been used and abused, continually lied upon. Should they continue to feel anger within their hearts and minds, unable to move on? 
We all know the answer to that question. But the hardest thing to do, base from experience is applying the virtue of forgiveness to these people that have wronged us, crossing that difficult path is, however, rewarding in the end. But still, keep in mind that even if the bridge has been re-connected, behind all the hugs and tears, learn and never forget.



  1. Grabe bro, I can feel the emotion of this post. But you are right. tayo kasi yung mas nakakaunawa, tayo na lang ang umintindi. Kahit pa di natin maarok yung dahilan kung paanong natatalikuran nila ang mga bagay na alam nilang tama noong una para lang sa mga makamundong bagay.