Thursday, July 18, 2013

On TV Broadcasting: Where Does Our Innate Values of Fairness and Decency Have Gone?

Utter confusion besieged the viewing public these past few years with regards to the barrage of what we can call broadcasting vulgarity with a dash of drama, now a staple, in the evolving form of telenovelas. 
While some noontime show encourage contestants young and old to gyrate like macho dancers and strip teasers in private shows and kinky bars, and after this grandiose display followed by raucous jeers from an audience, then comes a twisted sort of sad story, a monologue discussing the hardships of life, in a studio full of people, inside a network that broadcasts to hundreds of millions of Filipinos, here and abroad, take contestants taking full force what could result to unavoidable humiliation and loss of self-respect for the rest of their lives, all this, in exchange for cash dole out given by the show’s hosts.
Why do some Filipinos  innate values of fairness and decency take a back seat, when it comes to these odd forms of fanfare? They even envy those who were rewarded for their efforts, even considering them lucky for being selected. The raised a question is our minds, what is this twisted culture that we have created? We cannot just put the blame on just one John Doe. It is not just the hosts of shows with this nature should be held responsible.
From the show’s producer; director, production staff, studio audience, and every one that is witnessing these kinds of programs day in and day out, without even sensing the wrongness of the proceedings are accountable.
No one is spared in this charade. Our countrymen should be aware. We may not know it, but a part of us have been belittling our fellow human being, a child of God with equal footing like the rest of us. 
Taking this into account, it is imperative that the networks should assess and re-evaluate the program formats being generated in their respective projects. 
But if they will still turn a deaf ear on the outrage steadily growing in their midst, safeguarding ourselves and our children from the media hype that is steadily changing the moral values of the young and old alike is a must. Choosing alternative sources of entertainment that could enlighten the minds, bring spiritual glow in our hearts and emotional contentment for the betterment of our well-being would be beneficial and more worthy of our time, money and effort.



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