Monday, July 22, 2013

Never Lose Hope

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Sometimes, even when one works hard, toils day and night to achieve ones aims, the efforts becomes futile.And no matter how hard one tries, swimming the vast ocean of trials, we fall short, given to the frailties of being a human and given to the people aiming at the very same prospects, knowingly impending, or worse, walling up the path the other is taking.
Then one asks himself, will my honest labors work bear fruit?
One might say, I’m getting too old for this kind of things, it has taken the best years of my life and my best efforts seemed amounting to nothing.The only thing that can be summed up in one’s life is that, “you have been a jack of all trades, but until now, the master of none”.
The lines of an age old hymn became a comfort in one of my own daily struggles to survive in this mundane world, “If I do not bring you solace, then at least I bring you light, nothing is more precious than hope!”
If possible it is best to plant and harvest the fruits of your labors unseen by many. One doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.We alone should conquer our own faults and inner fears.
Many have said that to surpass our own victories will bring us more fruitful rewards, than trying to outshine the capacities of others. In our own way, everybody is special. A beautiful creation of our Father in heaven, it is a blessing, freely given to us, a precious gift that others have chosen not to see. If we could just realize that we have our own little Eden deep inside ourselves, happiness will never be out of our reach.
No human being can take that away from us.



  1. Never lose hope" is the greatest advise to anyone...

  2. Tomooh! Habang may buhay, may pag-asa! Laban lang ng laban sa hamon ng buhay at laging manalig sa itaas. Smile ka na lng sa pagsubok ng buhay and everything will smile back at you. :)