Friday, June 22, 2012

First Time May Not Always Hurt

Who says first time always hurts? Base on my experience, it isn't. I even feel elated.
You will only be hurt on your first time if you expect to much. That is the mantra I follow so as not to get hurt on my first time.
But hey, I think I'm lucky enough to win a prize on my first time joining a giveaway promo from a blogger friend. Yeah, it's my first time ever to join such, that's why I keep telling myself not to expect to win so that  I won't be disappointed when I didn't.
I won a cool sunglass from Balut Manila sponsored by Firmoo last June 8. I received my prize last June 18. Imagine how happy I am when I got it. It was delivered right into my doorstep by Express Mail Service.

You may check out their site here.

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  1. Yeah. and I got it for free.

  2. nice shades! congratulations!

  3. Wow!!! You really got it man. Put it on and show off please......

  4. Nice one, and you got it all free. Too good for you.