Saturday, April 27, 2013

What A Fool is a Lover Could Be

(Photo form: Devian Art)
Diamonds shimmer
in the depths of the
calmest pond.
I reach for one,
but I can’t touch.
Instead I create a current
and stir the murky depths
Mud and clay
cloud the once clear pool.
Only evidence is washed away
in a roaring wave.

The wave descends
and shatters the once still air
Into the voices
of a thousand tiny angels,
Each one crying out
for a lost soul to save.

As the river breaks
into the ocean of dreams,
I stare and wonder
in its magnificence.
Dare I?
I stand at the banks, unnerved, yet intrigued
as I decide
to cast away all
that is required of me,
I dive into the howling waters
In search of the diamond I
couldn’t see.

The raging subsides
as the river claims
yet another foolish lover.
And the pain subsides,
as the heart refuse to beat.