Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pre-employment Requirements Will Soon Be Less a Burden

Free barangay clearance, free National Bureau of Investigation clearance, free police clearance and free medical certificates from government hospitals, clinics or health centers. Who don't want free now a days?  But hey, this is only for indigent job-seeker.
Rep. Anthony G. Del Rosario
This is what Rep. Anthony G. Del Rosario of Davao del Norte is aiming for authoring House Bill 6178. According to Del Rosario, there is still a large segment of the population who cannot liberate themselves from the bondage of poverty because of the lack of employment opportunities. 
The Mindanao solon said that while these poor people are capable of work, there are limited jobs available for them thus preventing them from escaping poverty.
Under House Bill 6178, indigent persons are exempted from paying fees in securing or processing documents for employments purposes. Del Rosario said exempting indigents once a year from paying any fees when securing clearances and certifications from government offices will lessen the financial burden on the less fortunate but still capable-of-work people. 
Under the bill, it defines the indigent as a person who has no visible means of income or whose income is insufficient for the subsistence of his family based on the criteria set under the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction as certified by the barangay and validated by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).


My Verdict

This bill has its positive and negative impact. I agree that this will be a great help to our less fortunate countrymen because they will not have to spend anything that an employer requires them to submit before they will be hired. 
If I remembered it right, an NBI Clearance cost about 150 pesos and a police clearance is about 100 pesos. Medical certificate cost about 500 to 700 pesos. Barangay certificate cost something like 60 pesos. Some employers even requires Mayor's permit that may cost about 300. This means that a job-seeker have to spend more than 1000 pesos before landing a job. But if House Bill 6178 will pass into law, securing pre-employment requirement will be less a burden.
On the other side, I hope  Del Rosario has a ready answer on where and how to offset the lose income coming from this government issued certificates and clearances.


  1. I think it should help, if anything they should have a little more pocket change to spend on taxable services and goods.

  2. naipasa na ba ang bill na to.... sana maapprove naman.. kasi malaking tulong talaga ito... imagine kung gano kalaki yung matitipid mo lalo na sa pagkuha ng medical certificate...

  3. I rather have the process improved. Malaki din kasi gastos sa pabalik balik na pagpunta sa mga ahensyang ito, nadodoble at natitriple pa yung babayaran. Pero maganda rin itong plano na ito ni Congressman. Much better kesa sa ilang bills na ginagawa ng iba ngayon.


  4. Here, they've just imposed a minimum salary of RM800 or 900. I wonder how much that is in pesos. The thing is if everybody gets paid so much, the prices of things will shoot up...and we'll all be back in square one. :(

  5. marami nga matutulungan ang batas na to, time naman na para maging pro-poor ang gobyerno.. sana lang wag abusuhin ng iba.. :)