Monday, June 24, 2013

The Price of Being Sociable on Social Networking Sites

Happy are we to discover the joys given in connecting to long lost relatives and friends. Catching up, our amazing accomplishments quickly posted for others to see. People nowadays are looking for ways to learn basic computer skills as not to be marked as ignorant in the field.
Such joy this wonder of technology bring in reuniting lost loved ones, having a few moments worth of rekindling past memories and creating new ones. 
And true enough, even our own parents are joining into the hype, having their own facebook or twitter account. 
But we also should be aware, that sometimes, we have to pay the price for over-indulgence in these social networking activities. 
Too much information posted on the web could turn new found happiness into a lifetime of regret or shame. Be vigilant and guard yourself. As they say, “Too much of anything is bad to your health.”
Act with civility at all times, after all these sites aim to show you personally to the world. Be the proper gentlemen and ladies your parents brought you up to be. 
Remember, the world is watching, and we have opened ourselves to these social sites, we are technically tied, and our personal information is being shared again and again, and are prone to be used by individuals with adverse intensions, our privacy should be our own priority, never to be disclosed in unsafe environs.
 Social networking is a great hit here in the Philippines simply because we consider ourselves very sociable people, take for example, the booming businesses of TELCOM companies. 
Nonetheless, the novelty of the internet is slowly slipping away in other countries and it could not be denied that we will follow suit. 
Why? Because too much exposure in the net destroys the Pinoy way of life. The special bonding that we have with our relatives and friends cannot be replaced permanently.



  1. Agreed. Lalo na nga sa panahon ngayon, kahit mga bata e computer games ang unang natututunan. tsktsk

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