Monday, June 17, 2013

Orbis Infinitus

It’s has been a long standing notion when the Filipino people fails to get justice from it’s governing body, they do an EDSA, and for the record, we have had three EDSA Revolutions which called upon the ouster of the existing leader of the land, in which two EDSA’s successfully unseated two (2) president’s Former Presidents Ferdinand E. Marcos and Joseph Ejercito Estrada, without so much bloodshed and gore as compared to several countries with the similar dilemma. 
Till now, we can say that it will be very difficult for any country to top that. 
But some camps have unmindfully criticized its existence in our history because they say the people in EDSA, at that time was just very lucky to have two Presidents who don’t want blood on their hands, displaying their delicadeza as a human being, stepped down the highest seat of government because the clamor was so momentous, it was bigger than both of them.  
I laud these gentlemen for their exit in office, even if there were so many bad accusations thrown their way; they faced it like a man and waited until the black clouds subsided. 
We Filipinos really do have this forgiving nature, or we may have amnesia or even a mild dementia about these things, people involved in activism could comment, that most of us, may have some sort of lunacy within, enabling to forgive and forget. 
Very few of the populace that experienced the scars of political injustice done to them in the past, victims of the irreversible twists of fate, had remembered their days of torment, and held on to their anger are now helping Filipinos to take in to account the accusations, some maybe real, while other stories politically motivated, but all the same linked our lives to these men that lead our nation.
I think we should realize by now, that maybe; just maybe, we are going around in circles. 
We put someone in the highest pedestals of power only to jeer and jest about their performances as leaders. 
There are times; we can only blame ourselves about the travesty we have created. 
There are no perfect leaders; each of us has our own little flaws, we don’t live in a dream world full of fulfilled expectations. 
We live in this painful reality where aims are not always met. 
And the most powerful dark forces in human nature, greed and hunger for power, can creep up to any self-respecting, educated and God fearing individual. We can seat and unseat anyone but no one can guarantee good results.
But true governing power can be achieved with the guiding force of law, properly handled, and closely guarded by our people, can discipline and apprehend any wayward official of the land.



  1. I share your sentiments bro. paulit ulit na lang nga at yung iba, masyadong picky pa sa gusto nilang maalala sa history. yung mga pinatalsik natin, buhay pa rin sa pulitika ang mga kamag anak. At yung iba gusto pang iboto uli ang mga anak ng mga yun. Para bang sila sila lang ang may kakayahang mamuno sa bansa. tsk tsk.