Friday, April 20, 2012

Manila, Philippines Once Again in the Top 10

Yeah!!!! You read it right, mate. Philippines is once again in the Top 10, in fact we are at rank 3 on a survey conducted by CNN's travel site, the, last April 18, 2012. But before you start jumping from your seat, read this:

"World's 10 Worst Cities for Driving"

Now, you still too excited? I bet you're not. And I could imagine smoke going up from your ears eh...
Manila was in rank 3 because according to, Filipinos are more concern getting to work on time, thus, this makes the traffic congestion as our number one problem. admitted that this ranking is "non-scientific", albeit this does not mask the negative impact for our country.
But Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Atty. Francis Tolentino go into bickering by questioning the survey's "scientific" basis. He says that he drove around the metro yesterday to prove his claim that driving in Manila was not as bad as the survey says.
Well good, he tried it and he made his point.
Tolentino asked "What's the basis? Did they take into account the number of vehicles or the quality of the road network?"
But he must have forgotten to include this on his list:

  1. Abusive traffic enforcers.
  2. The endless road constructions that seems to peak as election nears.
  3. Floods on rainy days.
  4. Garbage, garbage, and garbage that drivers need to navigate.
  5. Poorly lighted roads.
  6. Traffic signals not working properly that confused drivers.
  7. Abusive PUV drivers
  8. Pedestrians that plays "patintero" with cars.
Well that's just 8 but I'm sure one could think of more reasons why Manila was rank 3 in the survey. It could not just be the proverbial traffic problems that took into account in determining the ranks but also the safety of drivers and commuters alike.



  1. mahirap nga sa kalsada natin. Kahit pa sabihin ng iba na di totoong tayo dapat yung pang number 3, di pa rin mawawala yung katotohanan na maraming motorista sa atin ang walang pakundangan kung magmaneho.

  2. Tama. Idagdag pa ang mga abusadong traffic enforcers.

    Salamat at napadpad ka dito IG... :D

  3. Eto po 'yung pruweba na malayu-layu pa ang lalakbayin naten para umunlad nang tunay. Malayu-layu pa, pero posible diba?? Sana. :)))

    1. tama ka dyan sir Armand...

      salamt sa pagdalaw mo sa aking munting blog. :)

  4. dagdag pa, yung mga nagbibisikleta sa gabi na wala man lang reflectors; yung mga motorcycle drivers na walang helm at driver's licence na feeling nila kanila yung daan; yung mga sidewalk vendors na nakaharang sa daan; yung mga jeep at bus na kung saan saan humihinto... pero wag mawalan ng pag-asa. magbabago din ang lahat!

  5. @Kwentongkenkay tama... dami talaga dahilan kung bakit nasa top 3 ang Pinas and it justify cnngo's ranking. Totoong magkakaroon (kung meron nga) ng pagbabago but I think, not within our life time.