Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Infamous Jimmy Sieczka

A video entitled "20 Reasons To Dislike The Philippines" recently went viral. But due to overwhelming negative reactions, and copyright infringement (Apparently, the video was produced for channelfix), it was removed.
The infamous Jimmy Sieczka
The guy in the 14 minute video is Jimmy Sieczka, an American filmmaker who worked at the International Academy of Film and Television in Mactan, Cebu for the past 3 1/2 years. He instantly became infamous for his contumely depictions peppered with profanity of his 20 reasons he dislike the Philippines. But I'm not here to discuss nor go into bickering  with those reasons he points out. If you want to watch it yourself, you can view his video here.
As a Filipino, and I'm proud to be, I painfully agree with those reasons he dislike about my country (although he made that video in Cebu) as a whole. It would be hypocritical to deny, or even to sugarcoat those facts. Those are problems we learned to ignore, and as such, often overlook and neglected.
He maybe arrogant, insensitive and egotistic guy but he was just pointing out those very obvious flaws. In the process, he drawn fire from the Filipinos. And as customary for us Pinoys on such case, many went on attacking him thru social networking sites to the point that they themselves became arrogant and insensitive as the person they were trying to nail. Even the Cebu City Council had a hitchhiked on this issue as they tried, or at least, debated to declare Sieczka as persona non-grata.
But whats all the fuss? He was just voicing out his own opinions. 
I had to ask myself, "If that video was made by a Filipino, will it get as much attention as Sieczka's video?
In my point of view, that video is like a dose of medicine that leaves a bitter taste in our mouth. As what a medicine should be, we have to swallow it and hope for the best that it can cure us.


  1. I thought all Philippin hates Jimmy but not you. You said it right and I hope many Philippin are more open-minded like you. Thumbs-up

  2. as soon as I have 5 or so reasons to dislike on a cetain place, I won't linger there that long. 'ol Jimmy should have not stayed there for 3 yrs if he has 20 reasons to dislike such a wonderful country.

  3. I actually like the video. Most of what he said are the same things I don't like too. But that doesn't mean I don't love the Philippines.

    Maybe if we spent more time loving the Philippines and 'doing' something, instead of being all too emotional all the time. Baka mas may mangyari pa.

    1. I could even add more on his list. But that I won't do or else I'll be the subject of hate campaigns ng ibang Pinoy na.... alam mo na. hehehe. I didn't regret writing this article. Why? Because Jimmy Sieczka himself tweeted this. lol

  4. ive seen the video a month ago and i was laughing hard while watching it. all those things pointed out by that guy are absolutely true. well, we, or most of us, filipino, when, hurt by a fact, tend to violently react. good thing you did not. :)

  5. @sam yeah... I guess it was always in me to go against the flow... para maiba lang. lol