Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aquino Appealing on Philippine Media to Sugarcoat Bad News

In a speech of President Noynoy Aquino at the recent National Press Forum and annual membership meeting of the Philippine Press Institute, he complained of the Philippine media's too much focus on negativism and crime stories.
According to Aquino, this could drive away tourist from visiting the country. He further said that this is an example of the negative trait of crab mentality, that the Philippine media is dragging the country down. PNoy wants the media to focus on more positive news, saying he misses how newspapers were before Martial Law.
Can our President blame the media?
Does the Philippine media abuse its press freedom?
Though I have to agree on Aquino's point of view, I beg to disagree the way he did it. He was a reminiscent of my 83 year old grandfather being forgetful due to senility who always complain on things he dislike but ain't doing anything to address the problem.
What does Aquino wants to be in the news? All his good-to-be-true "reforms" and the choicest and juiciest news? 
If I may give an unsolicited suggestions, I would say he should hire more reporters that he can manipulate to deliver a bias and sugarcoated news. Better yet, PNoy could implement censorship if he wants to restrain the media on delivering bad news. Or, he should stop whining like a kid and start working.
Although he is off for a good start with his mantra "Tuwid na Daan", it seems his ship is stalled and is sailing to nowhere
Aquino may be true to his "promises", but that was before he run for the presidency. Now, PNoy epitomized hypocrisy and mediocrity. By his poor judgement, he puts incompetent puppets in top positions in different departments of his government that one way or another, contributed almost half of those "negative news" he is appealing for the media to pretentiously sandwich it in between those too few "good news" this government has done.
Aquino is preaching balance of news, but how could it be if there are more than bad than good?


  1. Simple lang naman kasi para makakuha siya ng magandang news, e di gumawa siya ng magandang ibabalita. :) hehehehe.

    1. tama sir. :)
      hinahanapan kasi ang media ng magagandang balita eh sa wala naman talaga magandang maibabalita db?

  2. Naalala ko tuloy nung panahon ng eleksyon. Puro magagandang impresyon pa meron ang mga tao kay Pnoy. Though I never even thought of voting him. Hindi naman sa kinu-question ko (hindi nga ba? :D) ang kakayahan nyang tuparin ang mga pangako nya noon pero hindi lang nya ako napabilib. He was part of the senate for quite a long time then but his name was so infamous. Enough time na sana yun para makagawa sya ng mga bagay na ikakabuti ng bansa. Ngayon mas lalo lang naging evident ang "no appearance" acts nya. I agree with you when you said that he should stop whining like kid and start working. Action speaks louder than words.