Friday, March 30, 2012

Silent Tears

She'd known him her entire life,
She always dream to be his wife.
Just his smile made her heart melt,
but she never told him how she felt.

Forever hoped to have him here,
Always dreamed to have him near.
Time passed and they both did grow.
But still she never let him know
Perfect chances passed her by,
but she couldn't tell this guy...
No matter what she'd ever do,
He still didn't have a clue.

But one day her whole world did end,
When she heard news from a friend...
About the wreck he'd gotten in...
She'll never see his smile again.

Now at his grave she softly cries,
The tears running from her sad eyes.
The hurting girl whose heart is broken.....
All because of love


  1. ang galing mo naman.. may talent ka pala sa poetry.. ganda, lessons about love..

  2. Thank you.

    cornik lng no? hehe