Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wet Summer?

What's happening here now? At this time of year, I'm usually wearing a sleeve less cotton shirt or a basketball jersey as I eat halo-halo to make me feel cool. But now, I have to wear sweat shirt or jacket, or even my rain coat as we are experiencing a weather suppose to be only on rainy seasons.

 The Philippines officially have three (3) seasons of weather.
  • Hot Season (tag-init or tag-araw) – March to May
  • Rainy Season (tag-ulan) – June to November
  • Cold Season (tag-lamig) – December to February
 We should be experiencing a hot weather now. I could be hanging-out with my friends in the mall so that I don't need to use my air conditioner at home to save electricity. I could be in the kanto eating halo-halo or just enjoying an iced-cooled palamig.
But now? I had to stay indoors, where I'm comfortable and dry. Enjoying a cup of cappuccino while interacting with my friends in social media.