Wednesday, August 07, 2013

One Restful Night And a Happy Dream

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Nowadays, very few individuals can claim that they have experienced a good night’s sleep, but what if, one had? Plus a bonus of a happy dream that made one feel contented and blissful the day after the dream took place. Few would lay claim to that experience, given the fact that most of us feel a bit groggy and our body still ached when we wake up in the morning.
I was given the rare chance a week ago to experience such a dream. In my dream, I was in my teens, looking at a bus load of happy faces, sharing happy chatter with people close to me, the sun slowly rising, a teacher telling us some points to ponder while on the road.
It was a simple dream without an ending, but the happy feeling stayed until I was fully awake and some of it still  lingered till now.
 I am not a spiritual person, may life  has been always peppered by many trivialities and at times catastrophic experiences of betrayals, putdowns, unfinished promises (vis-avis), financial meltdowns, family squabbles, melodramatic exchanges from people that mattered most and its crowning glory the day to day stresses of work load and deadlines.
“How can anyone get a restful night’s sleep?” one would ask.
I was thinking that, maybe someone up there gave me a reprieve, a breather of sorts. Maybe, a part of my being has been carrying a heavy load for a long time and it was at that moment, some of it was lifted up.
Faith has not been one of my more stronger points, I have never been a regular mosque-goer, I am not performing the five obligatory prayer each day. But I do believe to Allah and in many things that was doubted by most people.

I am thankful that I was blessed with one restful night and a happy dream, even though I just recognized just one face, and the happy youthful laughter, it was one memorable experience of hope.  



  1. A good combination! Restful night and a happy dream.

    Ako madalang managinip, at di ko matandaan after haha. Restful night? Sometimes pero dahil yon sa sobrang pagod sa work.

    Sana maexperience ko din yan!

  2. nice dream... no ending? really?I can't remember my last good one...

  3. You're a muslim? Wow! Interesting

  4. well lately, it feels like i haven't got enough sleep yet, hirap kapag from tambay to employee ang nangyari hahaha