Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winners of $20 Firmoo Vouchers

The following are the winners of $20 Firmoo Vouchers.
*Please use your vouchers on or before midnight of December 25, 2012.
* The vouchers applies to any order excluding the designer glasses.
*The voucher doesn't cover shipping charges.

  1. 83-84    ZaiZai Salonga Like Colors-and-Grays on Facebook
  2. 93-94     Joana Patricia Decilos Tweet about the Giveaway
  3. 27-28     Balut Manila Tweet about the Giveaway
  4. 31-32     Milton Coyne Like Colors-and-Grays on Facebook
  5. 53-54     Joanne del Rosario Like Colors-and-Grays on Facebook
  6. 71-72     Melly Ng Tweet about the Giveaway
  7. 37-38     Mariam Azcueta Tweet about the Giveaway
  8. 27-28     Jonnaly Alagos Like Colors-and-Grays on Facebook
  9. 101-102 pinkline Like Colors-and-Grays on Facebook
  10. 117-118 Mark Paulines Like Firmoo on Facebook
  11. 121-122 Patrick Noel Genio Like Colors-and-Grays on Facebook
  12. 47-48     DarkAeon Fiel Tweet about the Giveaway
  13. 147-148 Mish Rendon Like Colors-and-Grays on Facebook
  14. 137-138 Ella Dalistan Tweet about the Giveaway
  15. 181-182 Ella Huh Follow Colors and Grays on GFC
  16. 129-130 Francis Castillo Like Colors-and-Grays on Facebook
  17. 163-164 Ella Dalistan Follow Colors and Grays on GFC
  18. 29-30     Jonnaly Alagos Like Firmoo on Facebook
  19. 35-36     Mariam Azcueta Like Colors-and-Grays on Facebook
  20. 105-106 DarkAeon Fiel Post this Giveaway on Facebook
  21. 81-82     ZaiZai Salonga Follow @ColorsandGrays on Twitter
  22. 19-20     Balut Manila Follow Colors and Grays on GFC
  23. 189-190 Ella Dalistan Post this Giveaway on Facebook
  24. 97-98     Joana Patricia Decilos Follow @ColorsandGrays on Twitter
  25. 175-176 Ella Huh Like Firmoo on Facebook
Congratulations to all the winners. Please send an email to colors.and.grays@gmail.com so that I can send you the code for the vouchers. 
Thanks to all who have joined on my first ever giveaway. 
Kahit kunti lang sumali, nairaos din. lol.....



  1. Waah, dinouble check ko talaga kung naduling lang ako. Dalawa pala ang napanalunan ko hehe. Sige po, I will email u after this.

    Congratulations also to all the winners :)

    1. ahaha, sabi ko na nga ba, ganun reaction ng mga nanalo ng higit sa isa

  2. Aaaw! Di nga?
    I won two vouchers? You mean I've got a total of $40.00? Eeek! di kasali shipping? esep esep.

    THANKS Lawrence! And congratulations on your first giveaway! more more!

    1. exactly Balut. 2 vouchers din ang mapapasaiyo. ganun ang kondisyones nila eh. hindi kasali shipping.

  3. wow congrats, pati insan kong si milton coyne nanalo hehe
    nice nice nice

  4. Great! Congrats to them :)

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  5. FIRST TIME KO MANALO SA RAFFLE! I'm so happy, thank you :) Ayan, email na kita agad ng ma claim ko, thank you ulit :)

  6. I have already emailed the voucher to all the winners. please check your email for the code.

  7. This really made me jumping and screaming! E di ba sabi ko sayo malas ako sa raffle, lol! Thanks Lawrence!